Microsoft Execs Answer Early Questions on Dynamics 365 and AppSource

July 6 2016

Following today's announcement of Dynamics 365 and AppSource, Microsoft executives have taken the extra step of answering some questions of their own choosing about the product/platform/service's introduction.

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Personally after hearing Microsoft execs speak I have very little faith that they will not be pushing with both hands to get to the revenue model Microsoft wants to be on. My branded form of pessimism labels Microsoft cloud strategy not as a plus for customers as much as a way for Microsoft to receive revenue from its products continually as opposed to just as a product is purchased. Even though the install base of GP and the older ERP products are sizable, the majority of the money earned from selling those systems has flowed over Microsoft’s dam years ago. Microsoft is desperate to sell again to that client base and get them writing a check every month in perpetuity. Jeff Frye Systems Analyst