DQ Global® Launches Perfect & Merge Data Cleansing Software On Line for MS Dynamics CRM

DQ Global® a leading provider of data quality improvement and data integration software solutions, today announced the launch of DQ Perfect & MergeTM On line for MS Dynamics CRM.

DQ Perfect & MergeTM has been developed to tackle the problem of managing multiple duplicates in MS Dynamics CRM so that users can identify non identical duplicates, select and perfect a best record and then merge data and link records from the duplicates to the best record.

DQ Perfect & MergeTM embeds directly into the MS Dynamics CRM On premise system and now On line with a plugin which allows users to review and process duplicate records using capabilities currently not provided in the default CRM system. 

Perfect & MergeTM gives users the ability to review multiple duplicates in the same screen so data stewards see the whole picture. They can also see where records are different for rapid filed level promotion and processing.  Identical records can be auto-merged so that review times are reduced. Previously rejected non-duplicates can be suppressed to reduce frustration and speed up reviewing.

Martin Doyle (CEO) of DQ Global says' "Perfect & MergeTM On premise has been in use for some time now and we are really pleased to be able to offer our proven matching technology in the cloud.  This advanced matching, reviewing and merging process allows MS Dynamics CRM users to rapidly create and maintain the Single Customer View required to better serve their customers".

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