Simplanova: Automated Tools for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

Simplanova's automated processes can save up to 30 percent of time for Dynamics Partners on their Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade.

Vilnius, Lithuania (March 19, 2015)

Since the announcement of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, companies have been excited about features and opportunities of the newest version. The new version means new upgrades. With every version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, new enhancements are offered. How are you organizing your upgrades to take the most value of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015? How has your upgrade process changed and improved since you have first started upgrading?

Dynamics NAV upgrades: making this process easier

Automated and process transforming tools can help on saving time and get work done more accurately. Saving time on upgrades means availability of additional hours to your developers to pay more attention on consulting your customers, improve your inner services or products and develop new ones.

Upgrades from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 have become easier, there are no more classic objects (forms, reports and dataports) to upgrade. However, there are Dynamics Partners whose customers still use older versions of Dynamics NAV. For them, one of the bottlenecks of the upgrade process is transformation of the reports. At Simplanova, we have noticed that some parts of Dynamics NAV upgrade process can be automated. These include reports and forms, as well. The upgrade tools allow us to semi-automatically transform matrix forms, dataports to xmlports and classic reports to RDLC reports. We have noticed that for a standard, average complexity report these tools can save 30 percent of time. Thus for our Partners we can offer better performance of upgrade projects, lower possibility for manually made errors and more consistency. The possibility of inaccurate results is minimized when the final results are checked by experienced developers.

"Idea of the upgrades automation has come from our practice and experience in various projects. When we started noticing the repetitive tasks and recurrent solutions, we have decided to make it simpler and faster for the next time. So we have changed our upgrade process since the very beginning of our company and made the process automation-oriented and our experience-driven. With this notion, we have started thinking: "Maybe we can improve the upgrade process of Dynamics NAV Partners' companies?" Simplanova's CEO Petras Butenas said.

Improvement of Dynamics NAV upgrade automation never stops

Simplanova's automated upgrade tools help to prepare custom solutions to upgrade to the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the Role-Tailored Client. The automated tools are being improved continuously by our team.

Upgrade automation can save time for those Dynamics Partners who manage a big number of upgrades, specialize more in development rather than in upgrades, as well as for those who do it rarely and feel that upgrades are something they have less experience with or lack deep knowledge about it.

Simplanova's CEO P. Butenas said: "We are excited about improving the upgrade process. With every Partner's project upgrade we see how our experience and insights become a real benefit in terms of enhanced process automation. We welcome other Dynamics Partners to try our free upgrade assessment and realize what time savings lie under this innovation."

About Simplanova

Simplanova is a Microsoft Dynamics partner, specializing in Dynamics NAV (Navision) upgrades. Our project-oriented, high value-adding team of professionals helps Dynamics partners by giving the ability to acquire the skills needed, cut overtime costs and increase the efficiency of Microsoft Dynamics NAV development services. The efficiency is achieved by specializing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV only, using our automated processes of upgrade and standardized techniques.

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