Anaconda teams up with Microsoft on open-source library

October 28 2021

Anaconda, an Austin-based technology company, announced a new collaboration with Microsoft that grants access to Anaconda’s library of open-source data science packages in services such as Azure Machine Learning, GitHub Codespaces, and Actions.

Additionally, Anaconda agreed to provide Microsoft standard bill of materials format to allow identification of software components.

“Open-source packages have been the biggest enabler for data science we’ve seen in recent years. Being able to offer a set of trusted tools from Anaconda will empower our customers through every stage of the data science journey on Microsoft Azure,” stated Mark Russinovich, Azure CTO.

“We are committed to making it easy to use Anaconda everywhere and that includes inside Microsoft’s cloud. By combining Anaconda’s package dependency manager and curated open-source repository with Microsoft’s cloud products, data scientists and developers can use tools they know and trust with the peace of mind that they do not have to worry about additional licensing,” stated Peter Wang, CEO and co-founder of Anaconda.

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