Azure Insights: App Service issues; Project Bicep; Database monitoring

March 1 2021

Azure pros discuss App Service problems, Project Bicep and database monitoring.

Sorting out App Service problems

Microsoft MVP Gregor Suttie went over troubleshooting for App Service. When slow performance crops up, he usually looks to the backend Azure SQL by opening Azure portal, navigating to the Resource Group and checking out the Intelligent Performance section.

In his example, Suttie found five indexes contributing to the slowdown. He looked at query performance insight, checking up on the average CPU, data IO, and SQL operations over the previous 24 hours. Azure SQL Database comes equipped with options to automatically tune databases for performance optimization as well as a long-running queries display.

He wrote:

I always recommend adding the Azure SQL Analytics workspace solution to the subscription and this gives us further insight into the SQL Server in Azure. Once you turn this on you need to wait sometime before it can gather a decent amount of data.

Deploying Project Bicep

Thomas Thornton discussed the Bicep domain specific language for ARM templates and shared a link to sample configurations in GitHub. It is possible to deploy Bicep with DevOps Pipelines. In an effort to test the new tech, Thornton moved ahead with using a Bicep file to deploy an Azure Virtual Network.

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