Azure Insights: Arc Connected Machine Agent; Copying Key Vault secrets; Eliminating custom tables; Comparing load balancers

May 19 2021

Microsoft Azure pros discuss the Arc Connected Machine Agent, copying Key Vault secrets, eliminating custom tables in Log Analytics, and share a comparison of Azure and Amazon load balancers.

Checking network connectivity for Arc Connected Machine Agent

Microsoft senior cloud advocate Thomas Maurer discussed onboarding servers to Azure Arc with the Arc Connected Machine Agent, which handles outbound traffic through port 443 using service tags and URLs. Sometimes, however, the network connection for Arc Connected Machine Agent gets blocked. He shared a set of commands to set up the proper connections.

If outbound connectivity is restricted by your firewall or proxy server, make sure [a list of common URLs] are not blocked. When you only allow the IP ranges or domain names required for the agent to communicate with the service. Your servers need to have access to the following URLs and Service Tags…

Maurer advised users to check out the Azure IP Ranges and Service Tags—Public Cloud JSON file, leveraging tools like PowerShell to check specific endpoints.

Copying Key Vault secrets to another Key Vault

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