Azure Insights: Automanage for VMs; Managed Identities, Service Principals; TLS; API Management; Kubernetes Service

October 23 2020

Microsoft Azure pros share tips on Automanage for VMs, Managed Identities and Service Principals, TLS changes, API Management and Kubernetes Service.

Automanaging Azure VMs

Microsoft senior cloud advocate Thomas Maurer highlighted Azure Automanage as a key new cloud service. Until recently, finding and configuring all of the different VM management options was often difficult. Automanage is aimed at intelligently onboarding VMs, automatically configuring each service, monitoring for drifts and providing a point and click experience.

A number of services are configured using best practices from the Cloud Adoption Framework and are already available for use wit Automanage including Log Analytics, Backup, Security Center, Update management, Configuration management, change tracking and inventory or automation accounts. To enable Automanage, users need to have Windows Servers VMs running in a supported region, and the correct permissions. VMs must not link to a Log Analytics workspace in a different subscription. Currently, Automanage doesn't support subscriptions.

Managed Identities and Service Principals

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