Azure Insights: AZ-204 exam; Service Bus exceptions; Envoy Proxy

June 23 2021

Microsoft Azure pros discuss AZ-204 exam prep, Service Bus exceptions, and Envoy Proxy ratelimit with Monitor.

Prepping for the AZ-204 exam

Vidya, writing on the WhizLabs blog, shared a prep guide for the AZ-204 certification exam. The exam covers design, testing, setup, and maintenance for cloud-based apps, and usually requires one or two years of professional experience. To pass, it helps to know widely-used programming languages supported by Azure, particularly C#. Users planning to take it should also know a thing or two about SDKs, CLI, and Azure PowerShell.

According to Vidya, the exam is a great way for Azure architects to brush up on development, building competencies around microservices, serverless, containers, and subscriber architectures. The exam costs $165, offered in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Users need to score a 70% or better on between 40 and 60 questions, some of which include command line and drag and drop answers. Vidya shared exam objectives, tips, and advice on online study and tests.

The average salary of a Microsoft Azure Developer is $115,000 per year. It is a good amount to start the journey of Azure development, and with experience, the pay-out will eventually grow. The highest pay-out for an Azure Developer with experience is around $146,250 per year. Therefore, it is evidently a good career option for you to pursue!

Making sense of Service Bus exceptions

Nishanth Prabhakaran, writing on the Serverless360 blog, delved into Service Bus exceptions. Currently, many customers use Service Bus to handle messages for business apps. Queues and topic subscriptions typically offer sub-queues known as dead-letter queues. These do not need to be explicitly created, and according to Prabhakaran cannot be deleted or managed independently from the main entity.

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