Azure Insights: Azure AD; Subscription costs; Slow container image pulls; Azure tags

October 28 2021

Microsoft Azure pros discuss new developments in Azure AD, controlling subscription costs, slow container image pulls, and storing AWS metadata as an Azure tag.

New developments in Azure Active Directory

Microsoft MVP Sander Berkouwer, writing on The Things That Are Better Left Unspoken, discussed new developments in Azure Active Directory over recent weeks. Microsoft recently released Release Notes for Azure AD.

To prevent app developers from configuring apps that would require more permissions than it is possible to grant, Microsoft is planning to limit total required permissions to 400. Additionally, in the near future single page apps that use SPA redirect URLs will need a CORS enabled browser for authentication. Berkouwer listed other changes like general availability of access packages that expire after a few hours, viewing apps in a list, improved device audit logs, new provisioning connectors, and ways to view suspicious sign-ins, among others.

Controlling Azure subscription costs

Nishanth Prabhakaran, writing on the Serverless360 blog looked at how to control Azure subscription costs. Many organizations run into problems as cloud resource use ratchets up over time. Prabhakaran gave a scenario involving a UK-based taxi company using Logic Apps, Service Bus, Web App, Functions, and other Azure services. He wrote:

Azure Cost Management shows organizational cost and usage patterns with advanced analytics and many more. Reports in Cost Management show the usage-based charges consumed by Azure services and third-party Marketplace offerings. Even though it offers advanced analytical features, it lacks documentation and cost comparison to understand the monthly cost consumption index.

Resolving slow container image pulls with AKS

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