Azure Insights: Backing up disks; AKS cluster with Terraform; Key Vault options; DevOps

November 11 2020

Azure pros share their insights on Azure disk backups with Kubernetes Service, setting up AKS clusters with Terraform, options with Key Vault, and using DevOps to build artifacts.

Backing up Azure disks attached to Kubernetes Service

Daniel Neumann, writing on Daniel's Tech Blog, looked back at a blog post from the end of 2019 in which he explored how to backup Azure disks attached to Kubernetes Service. But in the year since then, some things have changed. Azure Function PowerShell support entered public preview in April, 2019 and the AzTable module underwent new releases. With that in-mind, he set out to overhaul and update his implementation. Users can employ an Azure Resource Manager template to create a resource group and two custom roles for RBAC. He wrote:

All the required Azure resource are deployed via the first linked template. Our Azure Table storage gets tagged with the key value pair aksSnapshotBackupDatabase:tableStorage. So, the Azure Function can find its backend storage storing necessary information about the taken snapshots. For the pending role assignments, the linked template returns the principal id of the function’s managed identity. Three role assignments need to be set. One on subscription level via the main template and two on resource group level via the second linked template.

With this out of the way, he uploaded the PowerShell function using Function Core Tools and conducted disk onboarding.

Creating an AKS cluster with Terraform

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