Azure Insights: CLI; Training; Terraform modules; PowerShell

January 6 2021

Microsoft Azure pros share their thoughts on CLI, training, Terraform modules and working with PowerShell.

Working with the newest version of Azure CLI

Gregor Suttie, writing on AzureGreg, took a look at how to keep Azure CLI up to date. Like many users, Suttie relies on CLI to write deployment scripts for Azure. Keeping it up to date is important to conduct bug fixes.

The easiest way to conduct updates is by typing az upgrade into a PowerShell or Bash script window, but other commands can keep it up to date without the need to keep checking. He wrote:

But even better yet you can keep the Azure CLI up to date without ever being prompted by using the following command:-

az config set auto-upgrade.prompt=no

And that’s it, no you no longer need to worry about am I using the latest version of the Azure CLI.

Learning Azure in 2021

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