Azure Insights: Code analysis tools; Changing time zones; Active Directory updates; VNets

May 12 2020

Microsoft Azure pros share their latest insights on code analysis tools, changing time zones, new Active Directory updates as well as Azure Networking and VNets.

Making sense of code analysis tools

Tobias Zimmergren was recently asked about the best tools to use for analyze Azure or .NET code. As a fan of automation, he had a few options in-mind. It helps to automate certain aspects of development to spot bugs more effectively. Build-time code analysis in Visual Studio lets developers see what rules are being broken after pre-defining a set of policies. This can identify code in violation of corporate goals or data laws.

Users have a wide variety of code analysis options. Some analyzers come with an extension into Visual Studio, while NuGet packaged analyzers can be run from local developer boxes for build pipelines or local builds.

Changing the time zone in an Azure Web App

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