Azure Insights: Dangling multi-arch manifests; Removing public IP; Moving resources

March 14 2022

Microsoft Azure pros discuss how to remove dangling multi-arch manifests in Container Registry, removing a public IP from an existing NIC, and moving resources between subscriptions and resource groups.

Removing dangling multi-arch manifests in Container Registry

Daniel Neumann, writing on Daniel’s Tech Blog, revisited a topic he last wrote about in 2021: dangling container manifests in Azure Container Registry. Sometimes, users end up creating multi-arch container manifests with AMD 64 and ARM 65 manifests, referencing each of these manifests. When new versions are pushed out previous tags often get wiped out. Problems crop up when an image cannot be found.

The solution for this problem is an additional step in the script checking for referenced manifests and putting them onto an exclusion list. Unfortunately, Azure PowerShell has no cmdlet for doing this and we must fall back to the ACR REST API here. The additional check overall increases the runtime of the script itself. That is the reason for having two different versions of the script in my GitHub repository now.

Removing a public IP from an existing NIC

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