Azure Insights: DevOps builds; Az Module scripts; Nested Hyper-V VMs

January 12 2022

Microsoft Azure pros discuss how to run builds with Azure DevOps and Elgato Stream Desk, Az Module scripts, and working with nested Hyper-V VMs.

Running builds with Azure DevOps and Elgato Stream Deck

Thomas Thornton recently set up Elgato Stream Deck to help run builds and releases with Azure DevOps. By clicking on Stream Deck, users are able to view stored plugins and auto-refresh. He demoed how to setup a plugin, and how to view the plugin running in DevOps. He wrote:

I’ve also created another option Status Check, to refresh the pipeline every X seconds, very cool! Increasing this, I can monitor & run more pipelines! I have updated further & included some pipelines that are currently in a failed state!

Making the most of Az Module scripts

Aidan Finn explored how to use Az module scripts for tasks in a GitHub action workflow. Although users are able to do simple deployment tasks, scripts can help for more complicated tasks like error checking. To get started, users should set up a GitHub repository, copying in required files, then set up Azure AD App Registration.

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