Azure Insights: DevOps Pipeline template; VM Scale Set integration; Monitor queries

September 12 2021

Azure pros discuss how to reference variable groups with DevOps Pipeline templates, VM Scale Set integration, and direct linking Monitor queries.

Referencing variable groups with DevOps Pipeline templates

Microsoft MVP Thomas Thornton discussed how to reference variable groups with DevOps Pipeline templates. Variable groups store values that users want to control and distribute across multiple pipelines, or can store secrets that might have to be passed on to a YAML pipeline. In an example, Thornton used a variable group containing a few secrets, linked to Key Vault.

He set up a main pipeline YAML file with a template to create a resource group and referenced the variable group he previously created. The secrets referenced are downloaded at run time and users will be able to see the resource group in Azure portal.

Integrating VM Scale Sets with Monitor and VM Insights with Terraform

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