Azure Insights: Environment variables; GitHub branch protection; Conditional variables; Ephemeral OS disks

August 16 2021

Microsoft Azure pros discuss environment variables, GitHub branch protections with Functions, conditional variables, and ephemeral OS disks.

Setting environment variables

Microsoft MVP Gregor Suttie, writing on Azure Greg, discussed ways to pass variables into an Azure Function. He delved into the process of testing a Function with local settings, using app settings from Azure portal and values in Key Vault. C# Functions are often useful to run things locally, using VS Code for debugging.

Suttie discussed ways to store variables, configure values, add values to Key Vault, setup managed identity, and an access policy.

Now go back to your Azure Function and select Configuration and then edit both your DemoUsername and DemoPassword app settings and then click save…And that is how you can run and test or function locally, using local.settings.json but also stored environment variables in app settings but also store them in KeyVault if they are secrets.

Configuring GitHub branch protection with Functions

Wesley Haakman shared insights on working with GitHub. Currently, there is no easy way to configure branch protection for a particular branch. Using APIs, documentation, and webhooks, he set out to configure protection for a main branch with the creation of a repo. He noted that users can create empty repos thereby creating a repo with no branch, or setup a branch and branch protection with an API.

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