Azure Insights: Event Hubs health; DevOps pipelines; Persistent volume; Functions

February 23 2021

Azure pros discuss monitoring for Event Hubs health, avoiding hard coding in DevOps Pipelines, attaching persistent volumes, and Azure Functions.

Monitoring Event Hubs health

Srihari Senthil, writing on the Serverless360 blog, looked at how to monitor Event Hubs. Good visibility for Event Hubs is especially important given the service's role in ingesting large amounts of data. Azure Monitor is often used for monitoring. Users can adopt three different monitoring options: metric based monitoring, Event Hub logging, and status monitoring.

He wrote:

Due to maintenance, some resources in specific regions may have some impact. With Azure Service Health, you are updated on any expected downtime in your region so that you can take necessary actions. Resource Health provides you with information on the Azure Event Hubs health status in present and past which can help you identify if any events are left unprocessed. With resource health enabled, you can also obtain technical support from Azure to fix your issue.

Avoiding hard coding in DevOps Pipelines

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