Azure Insights: Firewall rules; Enterprise integration; Azure uptime SLAs

April 12 2021

Azure pros discuss managing firewall rules for Azure SQL, enterprise integration, and Azure uptime SLAs.

Managing firewall rules for Azure SQL

Microsoft MVP Stanislav Zhelyazkov, writing on Cloud Administrator in Azure World, took a look at how to control Azure SQL firewall rules so that only certain IP addresses are configured. When the question came up in a Microsoft Q&A, he initially recommended Azure Policy, but decided to delve into the question more deeply.

Sharing the code used in the process, Zhelyazkov noted that he was able to track down resource aliases with Get-AzPolicyAlias -ResourceTypeMatch, drilling down with more specifics for SQL and firewall rules. The mode doesn't support tags and locations, and users will need to specify IP addresses in two different lists if they plan to identify particular IP addresses rather than an IP address range.

He wrote:

It is important to note that a policy to audit if specific rule exists is available on GitHub. That policy will only monitor if the rule for specific range exists but you cannot enforce it like the example above as it has auditIfNotExists effect.

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