Azure Insights: Functions & API Management; DevSecOps; Docker images

December 22 2021

Microsoft Azure pros discuss resolving performance issues with Functions and API Management, making DevSecOps work with Azure Firewall, and pushing Docker images to Azure Container Registry.

Resolving performance issues with Functions and API Management

Microsoft MVP Mike Stephenson discussed a performance issue he recently experienced. In a recent scenario, a partner calls an API exposed for them, forwarding to a Function that eventually outputs a message to a queue. Although calls to the API worked well, Stephenson noticed that errors were cropping up in the App Insights log. Some calls were taking 30 to 50 seconds run, while others result in 502 responses.

Requests were coming into APIM but nothing was reported in the Function. Eventually, Stephenson found that there was an additional header in test requests.

“The fix for this is pretty straight forward. I just override the accept header in my APIM policy before forwarding the request to the function app,” he wrote.

Making DevSecOps work with Azure Firewall

Aidan Finn shared how to implement DevSecOps using Azure Firewall. In the process, he linked multiple Bicep files so that he could deploy Infrastructure as Code templates. Finn explained that users can manage firewall rules in a workload Git repository, a shift from a traditional model where rules are centrally located.

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