Azure Insights: Hyper-V VMs; Publisher verification; Gen2 VMs; Setting an NSG to an NIC

June 4 2020

Azure pros share their thoughts on Hyper-V VMs, Publisher verification, Gen2 VMs or setting an NSG to an NIC.

Connecting to nested Hyper-V VMs with a VPN Gateway

Thomas Thornton took a look at nested Hyper-V VMs, which offer benefits for unsupported operating systems running legacy apps to sandbox environments. Users often want to create VMs in a nested Hyper-V VM and connect to other VMs in Azure. Currently, restrictions in the Azure backend make it impossible to setup an external switch and provide direct Hyper-V access to a hosts physical network. He wrote:

The solution is to configure NAT so that VMs can access the internet from the Hyper-V hosts public IP address and configure additional routing to enable connectivity to other VMs in Azure and vis-versa so other VMs in Azure can access the Hyper-V VMs.  

Thornton demoed the process from NAT and LAN routing to static route setup.

Arranging Publisher verification in Azure AD

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