Azure Insights: KinD-Azure Arc connections; RBAC and kubeconfig; Stack Hub certificates; Hub and spoke architectures

June 6 2020

Microsoft Azure pros share their latest tips on KinD connections with Azure Arc, RBAC and kubeconfig, hub and spoke architectures or generating Stack Hub certificates.

Connecting KinD to Azure Arc

Daniel Neumann, writing on Daniel's Tech Blog, noted Microsoft's release in public preview of Azure Arc  enabled Kubernetes, allowing users to connect Kubernetes clusters running on-prem with Azure to unify management. In a recent blog, he demonstrated how to connect a KinD single-node cluster with Monitor for containers.

Approximately the same process applies with Azure Arc. To begin with, Neumann registered Azure Resource Providers and installed CLI extensions. From there, he connected the KinD single-node cluster to Azure with a one line CLI command, making it visible and manageable in Azure portal. Sometimes, users may end up with an error message about missing tags. As a work around, simply add a temporary tag or use Azure portal to fix the problem. 

Setting up RBAC for kubeconfig access with Kubernetes Service

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