Azure Insights: Logic App API calls; Arc-enabled data services; Reservations and RBAC; Terraform & DevOps

December 10 2020

Azure pros share their tips on doing Logic Apps API calls to save files to Blob Storage, using Arc-enabled data services with Kubernetes Service, Reservations and RBAC, and using Terraform with DevOps.  

Logic App API calls for saving files to Blob Storage

Microsoft MVP Gregor Suttie, writing on Azure Greg, discussed how to create a Logic App that calls an API, returns data, and translates that data into a CSV file. Five elements are needed for the task. Suttie set a recurrence of once each month, setup HTTP for the request, and added parse JSON controls.

From there, he set the system to create a CSV table and create a Blob. He wrote:

I run the Logic App and it calls the API within the HTTP step, parses the returned JSON from the API, I then use the Create CSV Table step to format the data and then save the output from that step by using a Create Blob step. And that is all there is to it, I did this just to learn something new and remind myself how cool Logic Apps are and how easy they are to use.

Working with Arc-enabled data services on Azure Kubernetes Service HCI

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