Azure Insights: Logic Apps; Image Builder; GitHub Actions; Azure trends

July 13 2021

Microsoft Azure pros discuss implementation of end-to-end correlation for Logic Apps, Image Builder resources, pushing Docker images to ACR with GitHub Actions, and Azure trends.

Implementing end-to-end correlation for Logic Apps

Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan, writing on the Serverless360 blog, delved into end-to-end correlation with Logic Apps. An organization with a well-defined employee onboarding process may have multiple Logic Apps involved. Correlation is the process of relating workflows to one another.

The Logic Apps Management Solution allows you to monitor and manage your Logic Apps. This solution provides you with a summary of the overall health of your Logic Apps, with options to drill into details and troubleshoot unexpected behaviour patterns. With rich, out of the box views, you can get insights into crucial processing…

Insights include a summary of all Logic App runs, run details, and ways to drill down by processing status.

Making sense of Image Builder resources

Aidan Finn looked at the connections between different resources used by Azure Image Builder. While Finn's Nordic customers are off this summer he is experimenting with hands-on lab work. In a recent project, he created images using Packer for a Citrix farm in Azure. The Azure DevOps-based solution is highly automated, requiring only small amounts of work to update app versions or add and remove apps.

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