Azure Insights: Machine Learning investigations; Synapse Firewall; Copying blobs

August 1 2022

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Microsoft Azure pros discuss conducting Azure Machine Learning investigations, adding and removing resources on Synapse Firewall, and copying blobs between Storage accounts.

Conducting Azure Machine Learning investigations

Gregor Suttie, writing on AzureGreg, looked at Azure Machine Learning investigations. A customer that Suttie works with recently encountered a problem with an ML model deployed to Azure Kubernetes Service over a year ago. The customer received an error message that read “Internal Server Error. Run: Server internal error is from Module Execute Python Script.”

Suttie explained the process of conducting an investigation. In this case, suspecting a Python problem, he pulled Python SDK release notes, reached out for help on Twitter, and contacted a Microsoft engineer skilled in ML.

[A]fter we discuss the issue we figure out between us that the dependency on a package called VowalRabbitt is causing the issue – the latest version of this package required Python newer than 3.6. So we figure lets try pinning the version of the package in the designer to use VowalRabbitt 8.10.1 – rebuilt the model and bish bash bosh it all works again like a charm.

Adding and removing resources on Synapse Firewall

Chris Pietschmann, writing on Build5Nines, discussed his recent work as a site reliability engineer using Azure Synapse for a large data lake project. Users can run commands in Azure CLI to manage firewall configurations for Synapse Workspaces. Create and delete commands can be used to add or remove IP addresses from the Synapse Firewall allowed list.

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