Azure Insights: Migrating on-prem apps; Terraform states; API Management

April 5 2021

Azure pros share their insights on migrating on-prem web apps, moving Terraform states, and working with API Management.

Migrating on-prem web apps to Azure

Writing on WhizLabs, Sudip shared the process of migrating on-prem web apps to Azure. Users get started by navigating into the Azure Management Portal. They create a VNet and set IP address, security and tag options to defaults. Here, Sudip used the South Africa North region. He created a Storage account with default settings for networking, data protection and advanced, picked Cloud Services (Classic), and created a VM.

After connecting and downloading an RDP file, he modified inbound rules for Windows Firewall, and finally change app configuration information in Windows PowerShell.

He wrote:

We have seen that deploying your web application to Azure is a simple and straightforward process. To sharpen your cloud development and deployment skills, it is important to practise using different applications developed in various platforms and languages for different virtual machines. Always be wary of service charges, especially for storage and virtual machines, as these could lead to unwarranted deductions on your card.

Moving Terraform states into Azure

Thomas Thornton discussed ways to import a Terraform file into Azure. Users are able to setup a Terraform file locally or in a remote local, like an Azure Storage account. In his example, Thornton imported a Resource Group, VNet, and a subnet from the VNet. He also shared his folder structure.

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