Azure Insights: Multi-factor authentication; Terraform versions; Portal changes; Azure Stack tenant networks; Stack name resolution

October 29 2019

This week, Azure pros share their insights on conditional access policies, pinning Terraform version, Azure portal changes and more.

Setting Azure conditional access policies

Cor den Boer writing on 2 Azure looked into enforcing multi-factor authentication policies for Azure. Boer argues that this added security feature should come enabled by default for Azure and Office 365 users. The feature serves to prevent unauthorized access, blocking sign-ins from infected devices or suspicious IP addresses or cases of impossible travel. He showed how to create a new named location within the Azure portal, such as filling in an office IP range.

From Azure Active Directory, users can configure additional cloud-based MFA settings. However, the new policy section of Azure AD is needed to assign users or pick cloud apps that will be subject to enforcement.

Pinning Terraform versions

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