Azure Insights: Organizing Arc-enabled servers; Stack Hub updates; AKS HCI clusters

December 2 2020

Microsoft Azure pros share their thoughts on organizing Arc-enabled servers, Stack Hub patching and updates and Kubernetes HCI clusters.

Organizing Arc-enabled servers

Microsoft senior cloud advocate Thomas Maurer shared his insights on how to organize Arc-enabled servers. Azure helps to provide a single control plane for on-prem servers. Maurer used Azure Resource Manager to manage VMs, databases, storage, and web apps, together with tools like CLI, PowerShell, APIs and SDKs.

Azure Arc comes into play for resources that fall outside of Azure, like on-prem data centers. The Azure Arc Center in the Azure portal lets users onboard Linux and Windows Servers. Users are able to pull a list of all Arc-enabled servers to conduct an inventory, filtering between Azure VMs and Arc-enabled servers. He wrote:

You can also use tags, locks, and RBAC (role-based access control) to organize and manage these resources. This makes it easy to for example list all your servers from a specific department, project, or cost center. Azure Arc is not only limited to the Azure portal, but you can also use the Azure APIs, CLI, PowerShell, and the Azure Resource Graph to manage your Azure Arc machines.

Patch and update for Stack Hub

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