Azure Insights: Prometheus alerts; Arc-enabled Stack HCI; AKS cluster deployment

November 17 2022

Azure pros discuss managing Prometheus alerts with Bicep, managing Arc-enabled Stack HCI, and using Terraform and DevOps to deploy to an AKS cluster.

Manage Prometheus alerts with Bicep

Microsoft MVP Stanislav Zhelyazkov, writing on Cloud Administrator in Azure World, discussed Azure Monitor workspace, which is also known as Monitor managed service for Prometheus. A new feature provides a store for metrics and will soon host all Azure resource metrics. Users can access Bicep templates to take advantage of new scenarios, but first need to have Monitor Action group, an AKS cluster with System Managed Identity configured, and an AKS cluster onboarded to monitoring with an AKS cluster resource.

Zhelyazkov walked users through the setup process in a series of screenshots, including schema setup. “[T]his new service makes it easier to use Prometheus without having to spin up a bunch of servers and maintain them. There is also initial good integration with Azure built-in but I also see a lot of room for improvement to make the Azure integration better and more consistent with other Azure Monitor features,” he wrote.

Manage Arc-enabled Stack HCI

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