Azure Insights: Stack Hub security; DevOps hosted Linux agents; AKS node image updates; Enterprise Integration Packs

June 1 2021

Microsoft Azure pros share their insights on Stack Hub temporary access, DevOps hosted Linux agents, AKS node image updates, and Enterprise Integration Packs with Logic Apps.

Allowing temporary access for Stack Hub operator

Bas Wassenaar, writing on the Azure Stack blog, discussed the Zero Trust model for cybersecurity. At the moment, permissions in the admin portal tend toward an "all or nothing" approach. Stack Hub operators need to have Owner RBAC rights with the Default Provider Subscription, but some operators may have too many permissions when they only need to make occasional small updates.

Wassenaar recommends Identity Governance to setup Access Packages granting either permanent or temporary access to certain Azure AD groups. He demoed the setup and showed how to offer a 24 hour access package.

Setting up a DevOps hosted Linux agent VM with Terraform

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