Azure Insights: Uninstalling AD Connect; Rate limiting with Istio; Marketplace lead integration

May 1 2021

Azure pros share tips on uninstalling Azure AD Connect, rate limiting with Istio, and using Functions to shift leads from Azure Marketplace to HubSpot.

Is it possible to uninstall Azure AD Connect from Programs and Features?

Microsoft MVP Sander Berkouwer, writing on The Things That Are Better Left Unspoken, looked at a challenge some users face: uninstalling Azure AD Connect after a configuration goes wrong. AD Connect is installed on Windows Server instances but can run into an issue where it won't reconfigure. At this point, admins typically navigating to the Start Menu and the Apps and features option, clicking on the Uninstall button. But then an error message pops up warning of insufficient permissions.

He showed a command line input that resolves the problem. Users will have to run through the uninstall process again.

After Azure AD Connect is correctly removed from the Windows Server, you can start installation and configuration of Azure AD Connect from scratch, or decide to install Azure AD Connect on another Windows Server installation. If your goal is to get rid of Azure AD Connect, then you’ve completed your goal.

Rate limiting with Istio on AKS

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