Azure Insights: Using Monitor Log Alert version 2; A common Bastion problem; Conftest for Azure Policy for Kubernetes

November 10 2021

Azure pros discuss how to use, Monitor Log Alert version 2, a common Bastion problem, and Conftest for Azure Policy for Kubernetes.

Using Monitor Log Alert version 2

Microsoft MVP Stanislav Zhelyayzkov, writing on Cloud Administrator in Azure World, took a look at the latest Log Alerts capabilities. Log Alerts have been available for some time now in Log Analytics, and were initially available with the Log Alert API. That legacy API has gone by the wayside, replaced by the new Log Alert V2 in Monitor.

Functionally, there are many similarities and the API is much the same as its predecessor. Zhelyazkov explained that API version 2018-04-16 creates version 1 instances, whereas 2021-08-01 creates version 2. He profiled some of its new capabilities like stateful alerts, one-minute frequency, new webhook payloads, changes in billing and more. He wrote:

The billing is different between v1 and v2. v1 definitely seems more cost effective for at scale monitoring but are also not having the many useful features of v2. At the pricing page Log alert v1 are listed as Log under Alert rules and v2 as At Scale Log Monitoring under Alert Rules. Note that v2 pricing depends on the time series so you must be careful how many dimensions you configure and how many different values you have for those dimensions.

A common Bastion problem

Danny McDermott, writing on the Azure Field Notes Blog, noted an undocumented requirement for Azure Bastion. In a recent project, he was creating a landing zone using Bastion to secure VM access, but found the process failed when he created a resource in a different resource group from the VNet.

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