Azure Insights: Virtual Desktop; Artifacts with GitHub Actions; Advanced partner specializations

July 27 2021

Azure pros discuss Virtual Desktop resources, setting up artifacts with GitHub Action, and advanced partner specializations.

Making sense of Azure Virtual Desktop resources

Aidan Finn explored the resources available in Azure Virtual Desktop. Host pool documents focus on the configuration of hosts that offer desktops and apps. A Host Pool resource ID is needed to create an Application Group.

By contrast, Application Groups document apps and user associations. They are typically associated with a host pool, and users need to deploy a host pool resource before deploying an Application Group. Finn wrote:

The Azure Virtual Desktop Workspace is the glue that holds everything together. The Workspace can be associated with no, 1, or many Application Groups via a non-mandatory array value called applicationGroupReferences. You can build a Workspace before your Application Groups and update this value later. Or you can build the (1) Host Pool(s), (2) Application Group(s), followed by the Workspace.

Setting up artifacts with GitHub Actions

A contributor to the Learn IT and DevOps Daily blog discussed how to create artifacts with GitHub Actions. Artifacts are useful in deployment pipelines because they allow users to store compiled code or a single file for distribution to other apps.

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