Azure Partner Roundup: Cloud security for cars; Azure AD profile migration; Digital banking

March 31 2021

Azure partners announced IoT-based security options for connected vehicles, Azure AD profile migration, and a digital banking agreement.

Argus works with Microsoft on Azure IoT cloud security system for cars

Argus Cyber Security, a Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity company, announced that it is partnering with Microsoft to use Azure IoT to help detect and prevent cyberattacks on connected vehicles. The set of offerings includes Argus Fleet Protection, Connected ECU Protection, and Software Updates Over-the-Air. Users are able to create threat models based on UNECE R 155 (WP.29), the MITRE Attack framework, and other frameworks.

"We are very excited about joining the world's leading companies running on Microsoft Azure. It represents a huge leap forward for vehicle manufacturers seeking to reduce their exposure to cyber risk and comply with existing standards and regulations, such as UNR 155 (WP.29). By partnering with a global leader like Microsoft, we are making it easier for vehicle manufacturers to cost-effectively introduce cyber security into their vehicles without impacting production cycles or project risk," stated Miki Hakak, VP Marketing and Business Development, Argus Cyber Security.

"Argus' collaboration with Microsoft Azure IoT provides a path for automakers looking to execute on their goal of secure connected and autonomous vehicles," said Avijit Sinha, general manager for Azure Mobility, Microsoft, in a statement.

Laplink offers Azure AD profile migration

Washington-based Laplink Software announced that it is offering PCMover Profile Migrator (PPM) software. The offering is intended to streamline the migration of Active Directory profiles to Azure Active Directory. Currently, when an existing device is joined to Azure AD contents of a previous user profile become inaccessible.

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