Azure Partner Roundup: Data offering; SaaS security; Master data management

May 23 2023

CockroachDB launches a dedicated version for Azure, Parablu provides security and data resiliency SaaS options, and Stribo deploys on Azure Marketplace.

CockroachDB launches a dedicated version for Azure

New York-based Cockroach Labs announced the launch of its CockroachDB-as-a-service running on Microsoft Azure in limited access. With this announcement, CockroachDB is available on-demand across all three major cloud providers, including AWS and Google Cloud. Users are able to read and write data across geographically distributed regions. The serverless platform is intended to reduce costs allowing customers to pay for only the amount of data stored.

Along with these primary features, Cockroach Labs has included distributed user-defined functions to boost application efficiency without scalability bottlenecks, added Terraform provider for automatic provisioning, and aligned with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 cryptography standard.

Parablu to provide security and data resiliency SaaS options

Parablu, a Silicon Valley-based SaaS data protection company specialized in end points, on-prem, and cloud, announced a multi-year agreement with Microsoft to co-sell Parablu's BluVault and the Ransomware Defense Suite SaaS offerings.

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