Azure Partner Roundup: Genomics; Intelligent search; Air quality monitoring; Private network access

April 27 2021

Azure partners announce new offerings around genomics, intelligent search, air quality monitoring and private network access.

Prevencio partners with Atlas Genomics using Azure AI

Prevencio announced a partnership with Atlas Genomics deploying its HART blood tests to assess heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular risks. The offering relies on Azure AI capabilities to manage algorithm processing, report generation, and score creation. The tests were developed together with Massachusetts General Hospital.

"We are excited to partner with Atlas Genomics to commercially launch our HART tests for patient use on Microsoft’s secure cloud. ased on preliminary physician and patient feedback, we feel there is a definite need for our HART tests. They provide highly accurate results in an easy-to-understand report, allowing physicians and patients to monitor and detect changes in cardiac health conditions," stated Rhonda Rhyne, Prevencio’s CEO.

Sinequa launches search platform for Azure

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