Azure Partner Roundup: Genomics; Intelligent search; Air quality monitoring; Private network access

April 27 2021

Azure partners announce new offerings around genomics, intelligent search, air quality monitoring and private network access.

Prevencio partners with Atlas Genomics using Azure AI

Prevencio announced a partnership with Atlas Genomics deploying its HART blood tests to assess heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular risks. The offering relies on Azure AI capabilities to manage algorithm processing, report generation, and score creation. The tests were developed together with Massachusetts General Hospital.

"We are excited to partner with Atlas Genomics to commercially launch our HART tests for patient use on Microsoft’s secure cloud. ased on preliminary physician and patient feedback, we feel there is a definite need for our HART tests. They provide highly accurate results in an easy-to-understand report, allowing physicians and patients to monitor and detect changes in cardiac health conditions," stated Rhonda Rhyne, Prevencio’s CEO.

Sinequa launches search platform for Azure

Sinequa announced the launch of its intelligent search offering for Azure. Integrated with Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams, the offering can extract information from Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, Documentum and other databases, with more than 200 connectors. Search functions are powered by Cognitive Services.

"Sinequa was among the first to provide enterprise search flexibility for public, private and hybrid cloud architectures. Our customers have been deploying our platform in the cloud for many years. Today, capitalizing on this experience, we are excited to launch Sinequa for Azure, a new version of our product that leverages the powerful capabilities of Azure," stated Alexandre Bilger, CEO of Sinequa.  

Sysinno uses Azure Sphere to create an air quality monitor

Sysinno Technology launched its iAeris indoor air quality monitoring system, based on Azure Sphere. Leveraging the company's Artificial Intelligence of Things approach, the offering is intended to optimize data collection with AI. The monitor tracks particulates, gases, and volatile organic compounds on a minute-by-minute basis. It also connects by AMQP to Azure infrastructure.

"The quality of the air we breathe has serious implications for our health, and monitoring indoor air quality has never been more important. Sysinno iAeris detectors with Azure Sphere support this use case without additional on-premises infrastructure, and integrate easily into a company's Azure-based health monitoring dashboards," stated Microsoft team member Spyros Sakellariadis.

Equinix expands private network access to Azure

Digital infrastructure provider Equinix announced that it is expanding private network access to Azure with ExpressRoute on Platform Equinix for service customers in Berlin, Bogota, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul and Canberra. The expanded service is intended to provide on-demand network access for Azure services, such as VMware Solution, and brings the number of urban areas served by Equinix to 32.

"By providing ExpressRoute connectivity to Microsoft Azure in more than 30 markets around the world, Equinix enables customers to adopt Azure VMWare Solution for migration, disaster recovery and hybrid scenarios. As Microsoft continues to deploy Azure VMware Solution globally, we are pleased to have Equinix as one of our partners that can provide dedicated access to these services through their network of data centers and global interconnection platform," said Maura Hameroff, Director of Product Marketing for Azure, in a statement.

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