Azure Partner Roundup: IoT; AIOps; Cloud networking

April 13 2021

Friendly Technologies launches a new IoT solution, Digitate deploys AIOps for Azure through Azure Marketplace, and Alkira partners with Microsoft for cloud networking.

Friendly Technologies launches new IoT solution

Friendly Technologies, an Israel-based IoT device management company announced the launch of a new "Plug & Play" solution for Azure IoT. The offering integrates with IoT Hub and IoT Plug & Play and supports automated connectivity for standard IoT devices with LwM2M & TR-369/USP. The integration project started a year ago, working with Microsoft, and is aimed at connecting devices that were previous not eligible for connection.

Support includes ways to create and update devices, templates, and device credentials in IoT Central. Additionally, it encompasses provisioning in Azure Device Provisioning Services together with bidirectional communication with IoT Hub Device Twins.

"Friendly's One-IoT platform includes a host of Cloud connectors, such as Kafka, AMQPS, PubSub, MQTTS, and other stream protocols, which allows our solution to be Cloud Ready. Our One-IoT™ solution is cloud and device-agnostic, and we're especially proud of the fact that we were the first in the world to connect LwM2M IoT devices to Microsoft's Azure IoT more than 18 months ago, and we are the first in the world to release our Azure IoT Plug & Play connector," stated Sean van der Walt, Friendly Technologies' IoT Product Director.

"IoT Enterprises, utilities, carriers/operators, and service providers now have the ability to seamlessly connect their IoT assets to Cloud platforms, to scale their service operations, to streamline the costs for mass deployment, and to optimize operations for their service personnel, thereby creating business efficiencies and improving business returns across the value chain," added Ilan Migdal, Friendly Technologies' CEO, in a statement.

Digitate deploys AIOps for Azure through Azure Marketplace

Digitate, which describes itself as an autonomous enterprise software provider, announced the availability of ignio AIOps for Azure in the Azure Marketplace. The offering is aimed at consolidating context for Azure subscriptions based on historical capacity and performance metrics. It aims to detect and assess deviations in system behavior, predicting future states.

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