Azure Partner Roundup: Wetland monitoring; Data lineage; Display management

June 9 2022

Sentient Hubs offers wetland monitoring on Azure, Databricks launches Unity Catalog data lineage, and Optoma and Microsoft team up for remote management for audio-visual displays.

Sentient Hubs offers wetland monitoring on Azure

Sentient Hubs, an Australian company, is offering automated decision support built on Azure to analyze conditions that give rise to waterborne pathogens. Over 3.4 million people annually are affected by waterborne illnesses. Sentient Hubs teamed up with the cities of Joondalup and Wanneroo in Western Australia, placing sensors around the Yellagonga Regional Park.

The initiative involves Microsoft Power BI, Azure AI and data capabilities. Sentient Hubs tracks water levels, nutrients, midge blooms, and acid sulfate levels in water.

“All of that data is linked back to the Sentient Hubs platform as input to configurable model workflows. Contextualised results are then made available to decision makers in near-real time via customisable dashboards, including Microsoft Power BI. There’s a lot of technical and scientific complexity being automated, which is all transparent, but we’re really making sure we deliver it in a way that’s easy to understand,” stated David Lucido, Managing Director at Sentient Hubs.

Databricks launches Unity Catalog data lineage

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