Azure Updates: Azure Data and AI; API Management; Synthetic GraphQL

May 4 2023

Microsoft CVP Jessica Hawk shared a slate of recent updates in Azure Data and AI. She gave the examples of organizations leveraging this data, like the NBA, which analyzes 10 million data points per game, and agricultural non-profit SEGES, which works to forecast crop yields and spot livestock disease with big data. Hawk advised customers to read up on the Azure Migration and Modernization Program, learn about Azure data skills, and attend Microsoft Build scheduled at the end of May.

To support customers, Microsoft has introduced the Machine Learning responsible AI dashboard accelerator kit for healthcare, made Centrally Managed Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server generally available, and premiered GA cluster compute start and stop. Additionally, AI Infrastructure can be used to train models or customers can tap into prebuilt capabilities like real-time speech analytics with Azure Speech.

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