Azure Updates: DNS Private Resolver; VMs; DISTRIBUTECH conference; IoT Central dashboards

May 31 2022

Microsoft senior product manager Sergio Figueiredo announced DNS Private Resolver, in preview. Currently, Microsoft offers public and private DNS Zones to host DNS records. DNS Private Resolver allows customers to query Private DNS Zones from an on-prem environment, or vice versa, without provisioning IaaS-based DNS systems. The offering will now be in preview for customers in most US and Western Europe regions. Figueiredo wrote:

Customers will no longer need to provision IaaS-based solutions on their virtual networks to resolve names registered on Azure Private DNS Zones and will be able to do conditional forwarding of domains back to on-premises, across multicloud providers, and public DNS servers. This solution will also work with your existing Azure ExpressRoute, Azure VPN or Azure Bastion setup in a seamless way. Customers will also be able to manage their DNS settings at a Virtual Network level in a very simplified way by linking rules to each of their Virtual Networks and enabling conditional forwarding at scale.

CVP for Worldwide Energy Industry Darryl Willis shared details about Microsoft’s participation at the DISTRIBUTECH International conference. The event, held in Dallas May 23-25th features leading players in the energy transmission and distribution industry. Microsoft is working with companies like Schneider Electric (with which it has a 30 year partnership) to integrate Azure for process and energy projects. In connection with the event, Microsoft is introducing Sustainability Manager, available June 1, as a component of Cloud for Sustainability.

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