Azure Updates: Hybrid & multicloud event; Compromise Security Recovery Practice; VMs

June 22 2021

A roundup of the latest Azure news from Microsoft.

Microsoft is touting its upcoming Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Data Event on June 29. The free event will be held from 9-11 a.m. Pacific Time, in partnership with Intel. During the event, Microsoft plans to make a "major" Arc announcement, as well as share how Avanade, Siemens Healthineers, and SKF Group are using Arc-enabled services. The event will feature hybrid and multi-cloud demos such as Stack HCI, Azure Kubernetes Service, details on ways to build, deploy, and govern apps or run services. Attendees will be able to pose hybrid questions through a live chat.

The company shared details on its Compromise Security Recovery Practice or CRSP. This group of cybersecurity experts is spread out across multiple countries and both public and private organizations, aimed at supporting compromise and ransomware recovery as well as advanced threat hunting. Compromise recovery, for instance, usually follows an investigation by the DART team when attackers have taken control of an environment. A Microsoft spokesperson wrote:

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