Azure Updates: IoT Plug and Play; Database updates; Space communications

October 1 2021

IoT Business Acceleration Leader Tony Shakib wrote about IoT device connectivity. Microsoft has introduced support for faster operational technology as part of its collaborations. With the goal of rapid connecting devices quickly, Microsoft is offering both IoT Plug and Play, and Azure Device Catalog which includes hundreds of IoT Plug and Play-enabled certified devices. Partners like CloudRail and Omnio offer a way to pre-process data locally and follow patterns to enable over 60,000 device configurations respectively.

With the combined power of Azure IoT Plug and Play and our partners, Azure IoT offerings at the edge are now more comprehensive and enabling—providing the ability to connect almost any type of industrial equipment while leveraging the full capabilities of the device spectrum. With these collaborations, Microsoft is enabling our customers and partners to deploy intelligent cloud workloads at the edge in a way that optimally balances power and simplicity.

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