Azure Updates: NVads A1 v5 VMs; IoT security; Desktop as a service; Digital Twins data history

July 17 2022

Principal program manager Vijay Kanchanahalli explained how to right size workloads for NVads A10 v5 VMs, which are currently generally available. According to Kanchanahalli, Azure is the first public cloud to offer GPU partitioning on NVIDIA GPUs. The new VMs have NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPUs. He wrote:

The NVads A10 v5 virtual machine series is designed to offer the right choice for any workload and provide the optimum configurations for both single-user and multi-session environments. The flexible GPU-partitioned virtual machine sizes enable a wide variety of graphics, video, and AI workloads—some of which weren’t previously possible. These include virtual production and visual effects, engineering design and simulation, game development and streaming, virtual desktops/workstations, and many more.

IoT sales director Clayton Fernandez explored digital transformation for manufacturers with IT and OT security. Connected industrial control systems have become more and more common with each passing year, together with operational technology devices. Many manufacturers lack an easy way to inventory their connected devices. To overcome this challenge, Microsoft Defender for IoT creates asset maps within minutes of being activated. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Section 52 accesses tens of trillions of identity, endpoints, and other signals daily.

Senior program manager Jim Moyle discussed desktop as a service. DaaS is a model of desktop virtualization that means organizations do not need to be tethered to physical hardware, and cut down on the costs of advance hardware purchasing. According to Moyle, DaaS supports BYOD, remote work, supports desktop virtualization, and cuts costs—with the option of persistent or non-persistent desktop.

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