Azure Updates: Responsible AI; Backup private endpoints; Net App Files

February 22 2023

Microsoft views AI as “the defining technology of our time.” In a new publication, the company discussed its approach to AI. The company revisited its Responsible AI Standard and called on governments to regulate high risk uses of AI. Microsoft and open source partners have collaborated on conversational speech recognition, image captioning, natural language processing, and commonsense. To this end, the company supports very large scale databases on Azure. It has issued DeepSpeed as an open source learning optimization library. Microsoft also touted its Project FarmVibes open source tools for farmers, the Climate Research Initiative, and AI4Science.

“With the right guardrails, cutting-edge technology can be safely introduced to the world to help people be more productive and go on to solve some of our most pressing societal problems. That’s what our practice of responsible AI by design is all about. We ensure that responsible AI considerations are addressed at the earliest stages of system design and then throughout the whole lifecycle, so that the appropriate controls and mitigations are baked into the system being built, not bolted on at the end,” stated Natasha Crampton, the chief responsible AI officer at Microsoft.

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