Azure Updates: Spring Cloud Enterprise; DoD Infrastructure as Code; Route Server

September 12 2021

Julia Liuson CVP of the Developer Division for Azure announced Spring Cloud Enterprise. Back in 2019 Microsoft and Pivotal, which is now part of VMware, announced Spring Cloud as a managed service for Spring Boot apps. The new option provides fully managed VMware Tanzu components with improved configurability for Spring Boot apps.

With Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise, customers can use the VMware Tanzu components they know and love on managed Azure infrastructure. Tanzu Build Service, Tanzu Application Configuration Service, and Tanzu Service Registry are available during preview. Customers will have the flexibility to select which Tanzu components they want during or after instance creation. Microsoft and VMware will continue to add more Tanzu components such as Tanzu Spring Cloud Gateway and Spring Cloud Data Flow* to the service, providing increased value to customers.

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