Azure Updates: Virtual Network NAT; VDI; Best practices; Garage

June 15 2022

A few weeks after a full slate of announcements at the Build conference, Microsoft returned to a steady pace of Azure updates.

Product manager Aimee Littleton shared ways to improve outbound network connectivity with Virtual Network NAT. NAT gateway offers outbound connectivity to the internet by attaching to a public IP address and subnet. The NAT gateway acts as the source IP address for all of its resources, with the option to attach to up to 16 different IP addresses. She discussed initial architecture, the ways customers can inspect packets, and examples of how NAT gateway can help resolve outbound connectivity issues.

On the subject of best practices, Director of Product Marketing Evelyn Padrino encouraged customers to optimize business value in the cloud, customize their journey, and promote Azure skills training. Senior program manager Tom Hickling shared best practices specifically for virtual desktop infrastructure security. VDI best practices include audit logs, endpoint security, application restrictions, multifactor authentication, and conditional access.

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