Classiq teams up with Microsoft on quantum computing for academia

February 8 2023

Classiq, an Israeli technology company, announced a new quantum computing partnership with Microsoft. The collaboration involves Azure Quantum and Classiq quantum computing capabilities for academia.

Together, the two companies aim to support scalability for researchers and automated quantum software design. Classiq supports research on large quantum circuits with fault-tolerant capabilities. Generated in QIR code, circuits can be sent to Microsoft’s resource estimation platform.

“The Classiq platform’s ability to simplify complex quantum circuits through visualization and automation, in fact, mirrors Classiq’s integration approach with Microsoft Azure Quantum. Users access the best of Classiq’s quantum circuit design software and Azure Quantum’s cloud-based endpoints and capabilities through a single, simple-to-use Classiq interface and workspace,” stated Fabrice Frachon, Azure Quantum Principal Program Manager.

“Bringing the best quantum software stack to academic users is the ultimate way of accelerating the quantum computing revolution. We’re delighted to collaborate with Microsoft on this important endeavor,” added Nir Minerbi, Co-Founder and CEO at Classiq, in a statement.

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