Cloud backup firm Keepit announces Azure Active Directory support

February 10 2022

Keepit, a Texas-based technology cloud backup company announced support for Azure Active Directory.

Keepit offers automated coverage of for apps like Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace. It provides dashboards in a bid to enhance visibility.

Keepit shared research indicating that over 80 percent of Microsoft 365 users have needed to recover data, with only 15 percent able to recover all of their data. According to Keepit, risks have increased due to ransomware—and the risks of accidental data deletion.

“Keepit’s Azure AD backup and recovery gives our customers robust protection from mistakes and attacks against their data, since Keepit’s solution allows for full data recovery...Additionally, having a full and frequent backup of Microsoft 365 and Azure AD in one single platform adds protection and increases the value of the backup solution,” stated Paul Robichaux, Keepit’s Senior Director Product Management.

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