Cloud Desktops: A Better Option for Remote Work

May 14 2021

When the pandemic mandated remote work, many organizations made useful short-term changes to remain in business. Many chose to expand the use of their Virtual Private Network (VPN). But VPNs aren’t always secure, and they can lead to bottlenecks that negatively affect performance. A better solution for enabling secure end user computing is needed, and the answer resides in the cloud.

Scalability and quality issues with VPN

For a long time now, organizations have looked to their IT team to provision IPSec VPN technology for enabling remote work, but it’s not suitable for many use cases in today’s digital world. When users are in the office there is no need for VPN, they are already on the corporate network, and this is typically fine, as long as most of their resources are on the LAN. When they are traveling or need to work from home, though, employees can use their corporate-owned device to establish a secure network tunnel back through their VPN to the corporate data centers and then access the apps and data running on servers.

About Brad Peterson

Brad leads marketing strategy and operations for Workspot’s vision of securely delivering desktops, workstations and apps from over 50 cloud regions around the world. 

Previously, Brad was Vice President of Marketing at DocuSign (IPO), the global leader in eSignature and Digital Transaction Management. Before DocuSign, Brad worked with Citrix for almost a decade where he built the global EBC program, produced solutions videos driving millions in pipeline, and was a regular keynote speaker for Citrix and partner events globally. Brad joined Citrix in 2004 through the acquisition of Net6, where he relocated to the Citrix EMEA headquarters in Switzerland and launched the new security appliance business over a two-year period to a $30M run rate. Brad has also held executive roles at Net6 (acquired by Citrix), Octane (acquired by E.piphany), BayStone (acquired by Remedy) and Auspex (IPO). 

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