cQuant.io launches renewable energy platform on Azure

February 8 2022

cQuant.io, an energy analytics company, is working with Microsoft to scale its energy analytics offering on Azure.

The offering provides analytics for companies planning to reduce their carbon footprints. Customers are able to individually analyze renewable assets or their overall energy portfolio to support decision making.

"Microsoft is committed to partnering with organizations that have the shared value to reduce their carbon footprint. Analytic tools and the insight they provide are a key component for companies looking to rely more heavily on renewable energy sources. Companies on this journey are confronted with many options and aligning the resulting choices to company goals is important,” stated Brent Morgan, Director, Energy Risk and Innovation at Microsoft.

“A modern energy analytics platform requires significant computing resources, which makes working with Microsoft a natural choice. The high-performance computing and scalability inherent in the Azure cloud platform in combination with the cQuant's advanced analytics platform has helped to deliver timely results to our clients,” said David Leevan, CEO of cQuant, in a statement.

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