CVS Health will work with Microsoft on cloud technology for personalized care

December 2 2021

Microsoft and CVS Health have announced a new cloud technology partnership focused that aims to bring omnichannel pharmacy capabilities and customized health recommendations, machine learning models, and a customer loyalty program, together with privacy and confidentiality policies.

Through the partnership, CVS plans to explore HoloLens, Remote Assist, and D365 Guides, as well as Azure AI and cognitive capabilities aimed at improving predictive processes and automating administration. To-date CVS has used Azure Cognitive Services, including Text Analytics and Computer Vision to automate intake of paper and fax prescriptions for its Specialty Pharmacy.

“We are excited to partner with CVS Health on its digital transformation journey, collaborating together on how the company manages health data at scale, improves the customer experience, and drives operational efficiency. With the Azure platform and its AI capabilities, we will combine the power of data, the expansive reach of CVS Health’s world-class solutions, and Microsoft Teams to connect health care experts and create customized care and services that enable people to live healthier lives,” stated Judson Althoff, Microsoft’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“We are rapidly transforming into a consumer-centric, integrated health solutions company, taking a digital-first, technology forward approach to all that we do. Business services at this scale requires a new level of partnership. Our collaboration with Microsoft will accelerate this work and empower our employees to provide quality care that is more personal and affordable,” said Roshan Navagamuwa, Chief Information Officer, CVS Health, in a statement.

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